Pain Begets Growth

I used to think sayings like that meant emotional pain. Since October I have been battling 2 herniated disc, one between my L3-L4 and the other on my L5-S1. Some days I can barely move and struggle with sciatic pain that doesn’t allow me to sit. Other days I can walk, but lately the pain is starting to effect my legs, it is getting difficult to stand. It has been a very hard to do any daily activities. Sometimes I cry and think, What did I do to put myself in this position? Then I dry my tears and vow to make the biggest lifestyle change ever. I have consults with 2 spine surgeons next week and can’t wait for their promise of surgery. I have been suggested by my pain doc to get a discectomy but wont know what type of surgery till next Monday. Whatever the decision, I plan to document every step of my recovery. I look forward to reading self love books and practice deep meditation techniques. 2019 is the year for advancement and self enrichment. I can feel a springtime energy around my aura just waiting for positive changes.

Published by connectedpines

Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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