Zero Waste

Be Mindful

It’s Not Instant

Zero waste living is a lifestyle. Essentially it is living more eco friendly while producing no waste, the waste that is produced is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. I have always wanted to live more environmentally conscious but never really took the work or time needed to adopt that lifestyle. Also living the “normal” way is very convenient as it takes no thought to throw something away and never deal with it again. I believe it is time to make the change and start being better to this earth. 

So how does one start to live zero waste in a city/town that does not support the lifestyle? It’s not going to be easy and it wont be instant. Starting small will introduce the lifestyle and create an ease to the transition of zero waste. 

The biggest changes you will see are going to be with your food shopping as plastic bags and single wrapped items are everywhere. How you throw items away. Realizing how your garbage is hurting the planet and what you can do to change will be huge for your household. Finally, the clothes and car you drive and the global impact your not aware of. I will be starting this journey of zero waste starting Jan 1, 2019. It will be a challenge to make these changes but not impossible to do.

Phase 1: Detoxifying your Environment 

The First change I want to make is how I shop for my food. I live in a very small town where big stores like Walmart rule the area. There is a seasonal flea market but since it is fall they are closed. I have bigger towns that are an hour to two hours away. I want to keep my shopping local as it is more convenient for me.  So the best way for me to shop zero waste is 

  • Bring shopping and produce bags/ containers – You can either buy or make your own shopping and produce bags. You can turn old T-shirts into produce bags. To reduce packaging of meat you can bring your containers/Tupperware to the butcher counter. 
  • Make shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotions, tooth paste, cleaning products and detergents to store in glass or reusable containers. 
  • Buy reusable beeswax liners/baggies for food storage. 
  • Buy biodegradable trash bags, hemp toilet paper, reusable Q-tips and water pick for floss. 

You may feel quite abnormal carrying your own bags and tupperware around but it is good to remember the main reason for your change. Who knows, maybe you will start the trend and other people will follow. This will be phase one of the journey. The goal is to cut out plastics and chemicals that are constantly in your life. 

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