Cleaning Hacks

During my slow transition to a zero waste lifestyle I started to dig and learn more about what I should do to be more earth friendly. It’s not only about stopping the use of plastic anymore, its about the use of chemicals that I use everyday as well. As I still have a bunch of old product left I still plan on using them until they run out. Once I run out, I plan to reuse the bottles and add my own cleaning solutions. 

So today we ran out of Swiffer juice. After doing some research on the internet I found a clever way to reuse the solution bottle that you usually buy for it. The bottle is not designed for reuse so this clever hack makes the cap of the bottle able to open and close. 

Step 1. Take a small pan and add just enough water to immerse the cap. Once you have found the desired amount, take bottle out of water and bring the water to a boil. 

Step 2. Once the water is boiling, hold the bottle upside down and immerse the cap. Hold cap underwater for 60 seconds. 

Step 3. Take cap out of water. Holding the bottle upright take a towel and twist the cap off. Be cautions as the cap is hot. Once the cap is off you can add your solution and screw the lid back  on. 

Step 4. Start Swiffering!

I still have some Swiffer pads left but have found some reusable Swiffer pads that you can buy, or diy with old towels. Though in hindsight we should have purchased the type of “swiffer” mop where you can use your own solution and washable pads. Lets face it, we are taught to live a very wasteful lifestyle. Changing is step one. 

Floor Cleaning Solution

I still have cleaner types of products left but should be running out soon. I put pine sol and water solution into the Swiffer now but have been looking up multiple floor cleaning solutions to be prepared. This solution is an all purpose solution for cleaning and will need to be adjusted based off the size of container your using. This recipe is specifically for reusable mops. I plan to refill all my cleaning products with this instead of harsh chemicals. I’m sure your not surprised that it contains vinegar. I’m sure we have all learned this type of cleaning solution from our grandmothers. Please note to look at your vinegar when buying and opt for organic brands made from grain as they are produced with less global impact on the environment. Cheaper vinegar’s have synthetic ingredients making it harsh for the use and consumption on our environment and bodies. 

3tsp White Vinegar

16oz Warm Water

1-2 drops of essential oils (lemon or citrus)

Live with Nature not Against Nature 

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