Candidate for Surgery

So since I am in the military I had to check out the recommended Neurosurgeon. I already know how the systems works so I was nervous to go through a military doctor. As I arrived into my room I met his fairly young assistant, he assessed my situation and assured me the doctor would be right in.  Once my doctor came in I was shock to see how young he was as well. He seemed at least the same age as me (28) or maybe younger. Not feeling to confident about it I began to assess him. I could tell that he was very smart and could articulate my problem and the surgery well. The only problem was that he just got out of the military medical training program. I then got nervous and decided that this doctor was not a right fit for me. The good news is that I am a candidate for microdiscectomy surgery and I have another appointment tomorrow with a civilian doctor. I already looked up all the doctors at the clinic I will be going to and they all seem a lot older and wiser than the one I saw today. My ideal doctor is someone that has 10 years of experience in doing a multitude of spinal surgeries and has my best interest in mind. I am hoping to get scheduled in December and be happy and healthy by the New Year! Tomorrow is a new day and I should be getting my surgery date. I am really excited to start my new lifestyle and be a better more healthier version of me. 

Below is a video of how the surgery is performed. It’s funny because the my problem is on the Left side L5-S1. So this should be the spitting image of how my time in surgery should go. 

WARNING: The video is pretty graphic as they are showing how the surgery is done there are scenes of blood and shaving away bone material. 

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