What is Yoga

Energy Within

My book came in the mail today and I am taking it slow. I just read the first section and am very excited to uncover my potential. The “chapter” of the book talked about what yoga is. There is a common misconception as to what yoga really means. It is described as “The union of individuals unit consciousness with the infinite consciousness.” This statement got me very excited as my true goal was to learn the true teachings of yoga. I once read about Kundalini yoga in book that I randomly picked in the library. Since then I felt the sense of longing to learn the true teachings of yoga. I then bought “Chakra Meditation- Transformation through the seven energy  centers of the body; by Layne Redmond. Reading that book opened my eyes to the use of breathing techniques, poses, and visualizations of the chakras. I haven’t really been adamant on my practice but after reading how Kundalini yoga can change my life I want to really take this practice seriously. 

Kundalini yoga is described as the finite relationship with infinity. Knowing the values of what this life can give you is the key to happiness. It can give you the ability of crushing the subconscious and break the illusion of self belittlement. As I have gone through life with the past affecting my future I look forward to learning more about moving forward. 

Knowing the true meaning of Yoga and Kundalini Yoga I have learned that it is more than just exercising it is awakening your soul. 

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Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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