Kundalini Yoga and Human Radiance

I am, I am

The more I am learning the more I have discovered about the misconception of Kundalini and Yoga. Kundalini is about experiencing the energy of the glandular system and syncing that energy with the nervous system to create a sensitivity that the brain receives and integrates them. The practice of Kundalini is still yet to be explored but it is said that it will make you become more aware. All yoga will raise the kundalini energy within you, which is the creative potential that lies dormant. All you have to do is uncoil that energy and make a functional connection with your pineal gland. The pineal gland is called the seat of the soul and once it starts secreting it gives you the power to reach your self realization in relationship to the total universal awareness.

This awareness makes you more intuitive and gives you the ability to see an aura radiance in others. The symbol of man is the arc of life that we call an aura. The aura is a magnetic field and when we approach others our magnetic fields cross. When you have a strong arc you are able to relate to others emotionally, connect or disconnect from influence, and carry a strong magnetic pull that draws others in. Once you are able to harness this energy your environment will become more in tune with your purpose. Kundalini is about changing and strengthening this energy or radiance to give expanded life and capacity. 

Our patterns of behavior can create a division into our electromagnetic field/aura. Whenever your intellect does not coincide with your behavior you can create this division. A cut can be made by environmental behaviors which causes you to look back into your past. Though this reflection is okay you must understand that it is you that is the creative source and your soul creating these vibrations in which you live. Knowing your mind and activity will help you understand your position in the universe and in turn lets you know the truth. I really like the way the book explains the pattern of behavior “It is the rate of frequency and radiance of the psyche and the magnetic field in relationship to the universal psyche and magnetic force. If you can relate with the universal radiation so that the bean and frequency of projection is clear, then you have communicated with the universe and it will support you.”  This confirmed relationship between responsiveness and consciousness between the finite and infinite self. Kundalini Yoga makes you what you already are and brings you to experience infinity. 

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