Creative Meditation

This section of the book focuses on meditation. I get confused as things are worded mysteriously, but it is said that meditation is when the mind is totally clean and receptive and infinity talks to man. There are two levels of meditation. The first is when the unit self talks to infinity and the second is when infinity talks to the unit. All the other stages are to prepare for meditation. Creative mediation is the way you prepare by tuning into your intellect and thinking about your thoughts, emotions, and desires. Desires help you find out what you need to do to attain the object or goal. You relate your actions to your world of infinity. The way I understand it is letting your mind race till it becomes clear. Once your mind is clear and receptive you will be able to connect to infinity. I view creative meditation as one of the other stages to reach either level 1 or 2. Sometimes I feel like it is easy for me to clear my head as I constantly day dream about my life and things I want to learn and experience. While my mind is clear, I have never opened myself up to infinity or tried talking to it. 

Living life we are very attached to many possessions. The book explains why it is wise to be detached from things and constantly create through life. Living moment to moment will free you from your possessions and thoughts. Letting feelings come and go is apart of detachment. Let anger or sadness not grip you, let them wash over you then release. Man is unlimited because his soul is unlimited. We must be free to be closer to infinity. After reading I thought of the times when I am most happy. It is when I just have a backpack on with necessities and adventure around town or in nature. Having experiences and living in the moment are my main goals for 2019. I feel like this lesson can easily be maintained. 

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