Rest and Recovery

Feeling Compressed

I am hitting close to week 2 on my recovery from my L5-S1 microdiscectomy.

Week 1 post surgery

I felt a lot of nerve and back pain. It sometimes felt like those same foot and leg numbness/sensations are still there. It was to be expected as the nerve root is still healing from the compression. This was one of the things I wanted to avoid long term damage of, if I was to wait for the surgery. The nerve pain is brought about by doing the same movements such as sitting for too long. I was kinda nervous about this pain but know that it is common and that it sometimes feels worse before it feels better. I felt a lot of discomfort in or around the incision. Almost like the disc was trying to heal as well. Other than those pains, I feel fantastic. I don’t feel constant pain or fear of pain with movements. The only restrictions I have are excessive bending and lifting over 20lbs in risk of re-herniation. I do still have to keep taking my Gaba and nerve NSAID due to fact that the nerve is healing. I have a follow up soon and would like to start some physical therapy. My muscles in the lower back are very sore but am not sure if I should be doing any type of stretching. I am walking between 2-3 miles every other day but can feel the difference of symptoms arise. I am tired of laying around and want to start the renewal of my life, but I know I need to be patient.

Week 2 ends on New Years Day. With week 2, I notice the glue from the incision starting to come off. It is a very itchy process but I’m glad to see it heal nicely. I am able to move better with little nerve pain except when bending/squatting, sitting, and lying around too much can causes incision and nerve pain. It is only temporary, but glad to be moving around better. My life has improved so much. I think if I would be feeling this better if I didn’t get the surgery, the answer is no. Who knows what would have happened if I would have waited but I know it wouldn’t be so instant like this. I’m excited to start exercising regularly. I am not cleared to drive yet but feel I could without any problems. I would like to start going to the gym and walking 3 miles a day.

I am excited to see what 2019 will be! I have so many plans to uplift the New Year!

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One thought on “Rest and Recovery

  1. This is great news. As an empowerment coach and author, I too suffer chronic back pain and the anxiety that comes from it due to back injury of 2007. Long story short, no surgery warranted and I have arthritis in facet joints and bulging l5 disc.

    I managed to put out so many inspirational books due to this pain. My fitness book was a way of God showing what we can still do irrespective of the pain.

    Godspeed on your recovery. Interested in how your entire recovery goes. I’ll be back.


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