Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

DIY No Sew Produce Bags

The start of the new year has got me thinking about my zero waste goal. I had a plan of action for step 1 which was to start shopping with less or no plastic. I will starting my shopping quest this weekend but till then I have made my own produce bags out of T-shirts. I will be buying the reusable shopping bags from the store since they are bigger and sturdier. I plan to buy naked produce, meat from the deli (bring my own tupperware), things made out of cardboard, paper, or glass, bio degradable types of trash bags, and either recycled or hemp/bamboo toilet paper. I also had to locate a store that sold bulk. The only store that had a small bulk isle was Lowes Market place. There they had a selection of coffee, granola, and rice. Albertson’s store had a deli counter that sold a variety of meats such as chicken, steaks, ground beef, lamb, and bacon. It will be easier to obtain meat then having to select packaged options. Once the farmers market opens up again in the spring I will be able to choose locally grown produce.

To make a DIY no sew produce bag out of T-shirts you will need a shirt your willing to cut up.

Step 1: Cut the sleeves diagonally to get rid of the excess fabric. Once you have cut the sleeves you will notice the bag appearance. The neckline and sleeves become the handle

Step 2: Identify how big or deep you want the bag and cut accordingly on the torso or if you want the bag deep cut the vertical strips on the end of the hem line, about an inch wide. Cutting all the way across.

Step 3: Turn the shirt inside out and take the strips that are identical on each side of the shirt and tie a double knot, all the way across.

Step 4: Once you have finished, turn the shirt right side out and see the finished product.

Change is Challenging

So I ‘m not going to lie, I did get pretty flustered with this change. I started to look around the kitchen and thought how am I going to throw this stuff away. As we are ending our term with plastic, I wanted to start now. I have found some recycling centers around town and will be using them to “trash” the rest of our plastic. I also thought about composting for food waste and paper products. Reusing the liquor bottles for rice and other staples. I’m tired of looking in the trash and feeling guilty of the waste. Change will be challenging but not impossible. I think changing in the kitchen is the hardest as all the other waste accumulated is from the bathroom. I’m am very excited for the new year and the change that is coming with it.

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