Shopping Trip

So lets see how my zero waste shopping trip went. I first went to Walmart for my produce. I was a bit upset because most of their produce shelves were empty. Though I pressed on and got what I needed. I decided to pick the produce that was wrapped in plastic 1 & 2 which allowed me to recycle them. I then went to Albertsons for my meat. They have a wonderful meat counter with a great variety. I got chicken breast and salmon. I used my diy produce bags and Tupperware for the meat counter. Some people thought it was weird and some thought it was great idea. Either way they knew my purpose. It was very challenging and not very convenient, as you have to be prepared with your reusable items, and the selections in this small town are not optimal. I will still keep trying and maybe create a movement for change.

Pineapples, Mangos, Bok Choy, Eggs, Celery, Spinach/Arugula mix, Kiwi, Soy Milk, Oui Yogurt, Chicken Breast, and Salmon

So now that I have rid plastic from my trash bin I mostly throw away food scraps, paper, and glass. I think I need to step up my recycling game and start a compost pile. This week I will learn about starting a compost pile and where I should put it. Starting slow is the best way to achieve a successful zero waste lifestyle.

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