3 Week Follow Up

Time for Change

Just saw the my surgeon today. Everything is healing up nicely! So I still have to take my meds as my nerve and soft tissue are still healing. He claims I can be ready for no restrictions by week 6 and will be able to start physical therapy. I only suffer from pain if I “over do it” that means a lot of bending when I clean excessive walking and sitting. Once I feel pain I usually rest for the remaining part of the day and feel 100% healed the next. I can feel myself getting better daily. I did have a goal to walk 3 miles a day but find it challenging as my body hurts afterwards. So I only achieved that goal for 1 day, as for the rest of the week I averaged 1.5 – 2 miles daily. After talking to my doctor about it he told me to take it easy and try that challenge on the 4th or 5th week. So that is what I will do. Other than that I am sitting and able to go back to work and drive. I still have lifting restrictions and no physical training but everyone is happy to see the dramatic change from 3 months of debilitating pain to a whole new person now.

With the back healing I will be starting school (spring semester) on the 21st, be back working full time, and be on some type of exercise schedule. I feel very motivated and ready to go. I am the type of person that is either extremely busy or doesn’t have much going on. I’m always going all in 100%.

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