Dirty Looks, Recycling, and a Nice Cool Drink of Water

So week 2 shopping took place at Albertson’s Market. I figured since they have a bigger meat counter selection I could get everything else there as well. I was a bit underwhelmed with my trip. I brought my reusable bags, Tupperware, and diy produce bags. The whole time I kept getting weird dirty looks, and some of the meat counter guys were laughing at me. I kinda felt sorry for them and also mad at this small town. A town where growth and progression is slow, but with the media and internet how could people be so close minded. I understand that not everyone has to agree with me or do what I am doing, it is just the judgement that is frustrating but enough with my rant. The veggies in the produce section were excellent but most of the fruit was going soft or rotten so I had to change my meal prep plan. As for buying staple items I opted for glass, cardboard, or plastic 1 and 2. I had to buy ground turkey so that meant packaged meat that was in plastic containers that I could not recycle, so I felt bad about that. I think if corporations and stores paved the way for change it would be the norm and make it easier for recycling and sustainability. I would like to write to the stores that are in my small town to stock shelves with more earth friendly alternatives. Things like biodegradable trash bags, bamboo paper products, and items not made from plastic. I know I could order stuff online but I feel like it’s not really changing the norm.

Similar to the recycle bins located all around town

After the grocery store I stopped at the recycle bin and tossed all the 1 & 2 types of plastic we collected over the week. I saw all the other bins that were for aluminum, glass, paper, and cardboard. I decided to go home and start recycling more! I would also like to start composting food scraps this week as well. The only product that should end up in the trash is plastics that can’t be recycled, but believe me this is a work in progress.

Same jug I purchased great for hot and cold liquids.

Later I needed to get some water, it is a hot commodity here as hard water does not taste very good out of the tap. Thankfully all over town there are water refill stations that only cost .25 cents for a gallon. I recently purchased a reusable gallon jug and it is a great alternative to the disposable plastic jugs we usually buy. I plan to make more reusable purchases in the future.

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