Compost: Dig & Drop

Last week I had a goal to recycle more and create a compost area. Last week I accomplished the goal of recycling more. So this week I will be composting. There are so many different types of composting bin, trench, pile, and worm. I am sure there are more than I listed but the one I found that is perfect for me and my tiny yard is the dig and drop method. Dig and drop composting are ideal for people with small yards. You don’t harvest any compost but it enriches the soil and provides nutrients to plants near by. So knowing about New Mexico’s horrible soil I decided to go with this method. Just looking around NM all that grow are weeds, cacti, and desert plants/flowers. There is no grass, so if I could possibly create a yard with a lot of nutrients then I could hopefully make things grow. Dig and drop style is very easy.

  1. Dig a hole that is 10-12in deep and as wide as you want.
  2. Fill the hole with kitchen scraps and cardboard.
  3. cover the hole and done!

So easy it’s fool proof. The plan is to dig a hole once a week and save food scraps over the week by freezing them. The only things that end up in the garbage now is plastics from food packaging like meat that I can’t recycle. Other than that glass, aluminum, paper and plastics are what I am recycling. I am also learning not to buy so much food that I can’t eat or get tired of. Living in a town that does not support zero waste is hard but creating new habits will make it easier.

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