Week 3: Scale Fluctuation

Is my scale broken? or is it just me. My weigh in for Sunday 20 Jan was 150lbs. 2lbs up since week 1! WTF! This can be frustrating but know that it is normal. Yes, the scale can lie! but then again it never lies. Scale fluctuation is caused by multiple things. For instance what foods you ate the previous day such as a lot of carbs (they make you retain water), how much water you drank, if you emptied your bowels/bladder, and if you ate before weighing yourself. The graph of weight loss is not a perfect slope it is an up and down trend. You should not feel discouraged as if your efforts are not being recognized. Even though my scale reads 150 lbs me and other people can see obvious results. Just keep pushing through on your healthy diet.

So my diet went really well. I did most of my meal prep except for Monday, Saturday and Sunday. Those days we went out to eat for dinner. I try to get something healthy when eating out but this has been an all time struggle. I will need more time to work on it. What I do is lowering the portion like only eating half or 1/4 of the plate. I will sometimes get a side salad so I am filled up quicker. This way I am able to enjoy a small portion and give my left overs to my husband to carry out my meal prep. With that being said I have a lot of spaghetti sauce left over.

Exercising went well I hit my goal of 3 miles a day/ 5 days a week.

Goals for week 3

Weigh in daily

Beginning of week 3: 150lbs

Exercise: 3.5 miles a day 7 days a week

This weeks diet plan will be more budget friendly.


Breakfast Burritos: 1 egg white, 4oz turkey sausage, 1 whole wheat tortilla, and 1 oz cheese with side fruit


Cucumber Sandwich: 1 Cucumber sliced, 4oz deli meat, and 1 slice cheese

side: baby carrots


Left over Spaghetti or 1/2cup brown rice, 4 oz chicken, veggie/greenbeans


4 oz deli meat and naval oranges


100 cal pudding snack

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