Zero Waste Kitchen = Hard


My zero waste trip this week was at Walmart. This week I am making the vegetarian switch to opt for a more sustainable way of eating. I got everything I needed at Walmart, Alamogordo NM’s one stop shop. It seemed like their produce shelves were mostly packed with veggies that were packaged. I opted to pick Plastic 1 and 2 types of packaging, glass and aluminum types of containers for recycling. One item on my list was toilet paper. I wanted to see if there were environmentally friendly options and looking hard enough I was able to find Great Value brand sustainable TP! I was very excited for the purchase. I am hoping they will carry bio-degradable trash bags next. It gets very hard to not buy things that do not produce zero waste. There always seem to be things that end up in the trash.

So what’s ending up in my trash?

  • Meat (things I can’t compost) = vegetarian lifestyle
  • Plastics (I can’t recycle) = stop buying the products; Their are somethings I want to buy things like turkey or frozen veggies that don’t sell fresh I decided to stop buying thing’s I can’t recycle. (refuse)
  • Paper Towels – My husband refuses to kick paper towels out of our lives. Even with the cloth alternatives he will not let this one go. I feel the only compromise is to buy EF types of paper products.

I am still mastering the kitchen zero waste issue with what resources I have around me. My farmers market doesn’t open until June so my grocery options will be limited. I wonder if it is easier for people with bulk grocery stores and what challenges do they encounter. As for my goals for February I would like to achieve zero waste in the bathroom and to start refusing products. January I learned a lot about myself and am glad to see some progress.

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One thought on “Zero Waste Kitchen = Hard

  1. My husband wouldn’t let go of paper towels, either. What is it about paper towels?? Cloth napkins, microfiber towels (and me volunteering to be the one to clean the bathroom with the cloth towels) helped but I guess it’s a tough habit to break. Anyway, I’m trying to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle and I’m looking forward to following your blog for inspiration.


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