Walk for Wellness

February = Month of Walking

I had a doctors appointment today and I am cleared for Physical Therapy. I am experiencing tingling/pain in the feet when I walk the 3 miles a day so I backed off over the past couple of weeks. I told my doctor what I have been experiencing and he said I am not exercising correctly. Basically I am not weening into exercise, I am just making goals and trying to hit them. He says start very low like 1 mile the first week, then 2 miles the next week, and so on. Other than that he has lifted all restrictions. His statement had me thinking and realizing that I don’t know how to properly ween into exercise. As a military member we are never really taught to ween into anything, you jump head first into what you are expected to do. Even in basic training those that struggled with running, push ups or sit ups were constantly yelled at to push harder. Many ended up in medical with shin splints or other injuries. I need to take this time to truly listen and respect my body. Thankfully I have resources to do so. Planet Fitness just opened in Alamogordo so I will be attending and working with personal trainers there to get myself back into shape. Physical therapy will teach me what exercises I need to strengthen my core and back. I am just excited to be on track. My goal is to be able to do a full PT test in September and score a 90%. This means doing 47 push-ups and 54 sit ups in 1 min then a 1.5 mile run in 14:30. The doc says walk February, jog in March, then start running in April. So my plan is totally doable, I just need to make an exercise plan. Doing this surgery has improved my life in so many ways, I went from not being able to walk, sit, and do daily activities to being 100% self efficient. Thinking back on how my life was for those 3 months was just horrible and couldn’t imagine waiting to see if it was going to get better. I still suffer from nerve pain but it is expected to heal within the next 2 months. I have read many stories of people that wait many years before considering Microdiscectomy and their success stories are very inspirational.

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Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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