Plan for 2019

So enough about my surgery I will be giving updates on a monthly basis since restrictions have been lifted. So last week I tried out my vegetarian diet and felt unsatisfied. My meals didn’t seem to fill me up and I felt I was lacking the feeling of fullness. I will be trying a new meal plan I put together that has more eggs, potatoes, squash, and rice. I have never really cooked much with tofu but I love new experiences! I will start a cooking section on the blog to show how I cook my lacto-ovo vegetarian (LOV) meals. I gave it some thought and want to have a meal with meat once a week (Sunday dinners). I feel eating meat sparingly is the key to a healthy diet. I just need to find the key components that help me feel satisfied. I enjoy the new perception that I have on food now. I feel it has helped with my unhealthy eating habits I have developed as a child. With my diet in place I will be working on my exercise goals. I created a plan as a beginner to help me find my own way and maybe help others with the early stages of working out. It will later expand to more cardio and an addition of weights. When I try to do yoga now I feel a lot of tightness in my back around my scar and my legs have never been tighter. I feel like stretching is a definite need for working out. I am nervous about over doing it and causing soft tissue damage so I am learning to take it slow.

The Road To Happiness

As I am taking care of my body I am also taking care of my mind. I am enrolled in 2 online classes now and am supervising in my shop. I am a key player in my shop as people skills seem to be lacking. I have a timeline for my last year in the military and it mostly starts in July. As of now I am focusing on getting better and being healthy. By July, I will start the transitioning assistance program and start looking for companies that will allow me to do internships by Jan 2020. In Aug, I will take the Recruiter Assistance Program and work out of Quincy MA for 2 weeks then take 2 weeks of leave and attend the We Hire Hero’s Job Fair in Boston, MA. I am sure to find a company by then. 1 Aug thru 1 Oct will consist of interviews and getting paperwork for the Career Skills Program. I will also find a school in MA to start my Masters in the Spring. Once I find a company and get the paperwork finished I can start out processing/separating from the Air Force! When Dec 2019 comes I will graduate from WKU with my BS in Organizational Leadership and start my road trip to Plymouth MA. I am so excited to have my husband and our new house waiting for me. This year is going to be amazing. Jan 2020 will be me in a Master degree program, starting an internship at a major company, and being reunited with the love of my life. I have a lot of hobbies and things I want to do and try before I leave NM. So the start of my NM bucket list will begin in May, I just hope school isn’t so tough that I can’t make the trips.

So that is my plan for 2019…..Let’s see if I can make it all happen.

J. Celli

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Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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