El Paso, Texas

Juarez and El Paso Border

This weekend was a needed get away. We stayed 2 nights at the Hotel Indigo downtown El Paso. Spent all day Saturday walking around taking pictures and spending the night at Anson 11 having a 5 course meal and wine pairing. It was an elegant and freeing weekend. We walked around the arts district and saw the convention and performing arts center. There were a lot of murals around the surrounding buildings. If you kept going south you would reach the Texas/Mexico border or Ciudad Juarez. The atmosphere there was vibrant as there were many shops selling cheap products from china. Many would buy from the local merchants and bring back the goods to Juarez. It was quite humbling. It reminded me of the Souqs in Qatar. There was a lot of energy and excitement as people were walking across the bridge and traffic was piled up to drive onto El Paso Street. As the day shifted into the afternoon the wind began to pick up and we decided to head into the El Paso Museum of Art. There were many exhibits such as Julie Speed: East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Jacob Lawrence: Toussaint L’Overture The Haitian Revolution, Spanish Colonial Art, and Saints & Sacred Stories. After the Art Museum it was still very windy so we headed back up to our room to get rested and get ready for our 5 Course dinner.

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Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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