Ditching the Razor

I got my safety razor yesterday and got a chance to use it. It is a FREELOGICS double edge Safety razor. It was $24.97USD on Amazon. It was easy to assemble, the razor blade will last up to 6 months and also be recyclable. So the key to this razor is to not apply any additional pressure just let the weight of the razor head glide on top of your skin. The key is to be gentle and slow. Using this razor on my legs was very easy but when I moved to a sensitive areas like my arm pit I felt a little uneasy. I had to go with the grain and since the razor is straight it was hard to go with the curve of the pit. I could also feel the blade graze on my skin, so it was a very close shave. I have not yet cut myself but will definitely need more practice to feel comfortable.

Coconut Oil Shave Cream

Just use coconut oil straight from the jar if it is solidified let it melt in your hands then rub on the area you would like to shave. It is so very natural and simple. It leaves your skin soft all day.

How to Shave your Legs with a Safety Razor

  1. Start in small sections of your leg and begin by wetting the area then applying a thin film of soap or coconut oil for lubricant.
  2. To begin shaving start around the ankle tilting your razor about 45 degrees and apply little to no pressure having the head of the razor graze your skin. Shave in small sections going against the grain. Re-wet your leg if it starts to feel dry or you feel friction.
  3. Rinse the razor if it becomes clogged from the soap/oil. The slower you go the better shave you will get.

How to Shave your Under Arms with a Safety Razor

  1. Wet your pit thoroughly and apply soap/coconut oil.
  2. Tilt your razor 45 degrees with little to no pressure and shave in the direction of the hair growth. This means going up/down/left or right in short strides. It depends on how your hair grows in this area. Apply more soap/oil once you feel any type of friction.
  3. Rinse the razor if it becomes clogged. The slower you go the better shave you will get.

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