Oliver Lee State Park & Dog Canyon, New Mexico

Hiking Trail

At olive Lee state park you have the option to hike Dog Canyon trail that is 5 miles and goes up a steep rocky terrain, this trail offers a challenging work out with great views up the “mountain”. The other trail is a short nature trail that is composed of rocks and more canyon views. I started up the dog canyon trail about .25 miles and saw a great view then headed back down as my shoes were not fitted for such steep and rocky terrain. The view felt as if you conquered a mountain. You could see the vast lands of the desert where the road ends and where people dwelled in their tiny houses. I carefully headed down the trail and thought I would save the challenge for another day. I completed the nature trail and saw a lot of desert vegetation. There was a soft stream of water that babbled down the rocks and gave a white sheen to the boulders that surrounded it. Reeds grew along the water and a few cat tails were visible in the deep thresholds. The sun started to go down. I felt the warmth get cool and golden view of the sun on the subjects begin to glow. I started to capture the sun going down and how it affected the surrounding environment. The earth started to give a cold blueish effect and the sky turned a cotton candy pink. The temperature went from 60 degrees to 55. Once the sun went down we decided to leave but appreciated the desert scenery. I would definitely recommend the dog canyon trail to properly prepared hikers and the nature trail for anyone. There is also camping spots available with toilets.

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