THINX wear for Period Solutions

I recently purchased THINX under ware to solve my menstrual problems with zero waste. THINX is a company that provides women period proof panties to rid the world of pads and tampons. They also provide incontinence wear for older women. I bought 3 pairs in different styles cheeky, cotton bikini, and sport. The cheeky holds 1 tampons worth and the rest of these selections are to hold 1.5 tampons. So on the first day, my period was light and I wore the cheeky style. I had a little bit of bleed through on the sides and felt like I was wearing a pad but not as bulky. It did not feel dirty or I should have any concerns. As for Day 2 my period was moderate-heavy. I started out with the cotton bikini and had immediate bleed through by 3 hours of wear. So I then changed to the sport style and it seems to be holding up. I just recently got my period but I don’t think it has fully got rid of pads for me. I think it is a nice idea for light days but as for my moderate or heavy times, I will consider something else. I know there are other methods of zero waste products such as the menstrual cups but I am more of a pads than tampons type of girl. So was it worth the $86 ? I would say no, looking back I would have bought 1 pair instead of 3. Overall I love the idea but hope to see improvements in the future.

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