Our Planet

Our Planet is starring on Netflix and it has gotten me thinking about my life and lifestyle. This zero waste change is bigger than me. It needs to flow into the bigger markets of capitalism and we must make a change. Climate change is not just the increase and variation in the weather, it is the effect it has on the ecosystem. Things that we have been doing for centuries that has cause wreak and havoc to our earth and the lives that live on it. We have a responsibility as the human race to sustain life. We have to make changes to live more harmoniously with nature. What I love most about nature documentaries are the balance you see within nature and how do we as human beings fit in? How can I fit in? and what do I need to do to help and make the change?

Big corporations are ruling the markets of production and waste. So what can you do besides refusing to take part in the use of plastic and practice sustainable ways? Things need to be addressed to your local leaders, the stores, and show support for businesses that are a part of the change. It reminds me of those that are protesting climate change and the biggest complaint that I hear is why don’t they clean a park. Cleaning wont fix the issue that lies dormant and supported. If we really want to change our culture we must create awareness and community. Get into organizations that are committed to change. I know I am responsible for my actions that have and are still contributing to the destruction of our planet.

Going zero waste for myself helped me understand that no matter what I do to refuse, refuse, and recycle the problems are still there. My impact is small and I know I am making a difference but I want to be apart of a bigger movement.I plan seek out organizations in my local area and work with those that are making moves for a sustainable future.

Please use the buttons to explore what you can do to help.

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