Natural is Beautiful

The earth has all the ingredients needed to keep you beautiful. I would like to challenge you to pick up a product you use daily and read the ingredients. Find a common detonator? CHEMICALS! They are everywhere and horrible for you and the planet. Maybe it’s time to be more conscious about what you put on your body and start a more natural eco-friendly regimen.

The first step is easy. You don’t have to make lotions, shampoos or other things yourself. There are plenty of companies that produce products with an ethical and social responsibility to the consumer. If your not familiar with such brands the easiest way to check when shopping is reading the label. Most products want to portray their statement on the label so look for words that say plant based, zero parabens, sulfates, dyes, gluten(if your sensitive) phthalates, proylene, aluminum and gycol. These are the main chemicals in regular products that can cause cancers and hormone problems. Other key terms are vegan and cruelty free meaning such items are not made from animal products nor tested on them. It is great to support these companies because they also give back in some way. Many contribute to ecological causes such as preserving the rain forest, animals, or the study of climate change. Please click on the button to view a list of green products sponsored by PETA.

Know your Product Symbols

Just because you switch up your beauty routine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beauty goals. Companies such as oVertone is pushing the boundaries with vegan hair care products, to help consumers keep a color variety with their look. Time for eco products is now! No longer do we have an excuse to not find alternatives to harsh chemicals that pollute our bodies and the earth.

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