Disposable Zero Waste


How can you be zero waste when you have to be disposable? This is not an easy task. I am writing this because soon all of my possessions will be taken away. I will of course keep my reusable water jug but I will not have any dishes or my reusable items. So what is a zero waster supposed to do?! My first approach is to of course buy eco friendly disposable products like plates/silver ware. Such products are made from bamboo, sugar cane, palm, rice, or paper/biodegradable. There are many products available but in some stores you may be limited. In my area they do not carry any eco friendly dinnerware I have the option of using paper products that will breakdown. As for flatware there are many options on popular websites like Amazon that sell compostable forks/knives. If you are confined to a store opt for cutlery that is made from plants, ,bamboo, chopsticks, or travel cutlery so they can be reused or washed. If you have to buy plastic always recycle. This includes any plastic bags you have to use when shopping.

Can’t cook at home? Go out! the biggest problem when going out to a restaurant is the left overs. The problems we must face is the restaurant giving us Styrofoam containers. Styrofoam is just horrible, it doesn’t degrade and is poisonous. The best thing to do is ask the establishment prior to eating if they carry alternate containers such as paper or plastic (at least plastic can be recycled). If not try to find another place to eat or your stuck with the waste.

Styrofoam bans are sweeping the nation

Life isn’t perfect and at times we are stuck in situations where have to be wasteful, the responsible thing we can do is control how we react to the waste. Choose wisely.

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