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So I got approved to Palace Chase! I got the exact notification on 17 May! Since then I have been out processing the base, submitted my terminal leave and have expedited my orders. I sent the expedite request on 21 May and got them 23 May. I am now facing the question if I can get the permissive temporary duty of 20 days noted in AFI 36-3003 table 4.5 rule 2. My personnel section says no, but I requested they get in touch with headquarters to see if I am entitled. So, it turns out I am not eligible for the 20 days TDY, you must be involuntarily forced out, be apart of the voluntary separative incentive program, special separations benefit or be a retiree. I would argue that Palace Chase does fall into the force shaping program, but I feel another way to go about it is seeing if I am approved for travel days. According to AFI 36-3205 Paragraph I should have my travel days based off the Joint Travel Regulations or JTR. The JTR specifies that if you travel 350 miles that counts as 1 day of travel. For my location I should get 7 days plus another 7 stated in the AFI. It has been such a fight, my orders state that I am allowed to travel to my Guard Unit per Joint Travel Regulations


from the JTR paragraph mentioned

I. Service Member Contracts with an RC. A Service member who separates from active duty to continue military service through a signed contract in an RC, may be authorized PCS travel and transportation allowances through the Secretarial Process to the designated Selected Reserve PDS, instead of limiting costs to the HOR or the PLEAD. 1. This authority does not apply to a Service member who is separated or relieved from active duty and has served less than 90% of the enlisted active-duty period. 2. No additional travel and transportation allowances are authorized once the RC contract is terminated.

According to this paragraph it would be like a Permanent Change of Station or PCS move, so I should be allowed travel days. I will also take terminal leave en route. It has been very complicated to work with the personnel section due to the fact they have told me they have never heard of the JTR and call AFPC for everything. The specific quesiton to AFPC is

I am separating under Palace Chase and will also be taking 30 days of terminal leave.  I am authorized travel and transportation allowance which is stated on my separation order.  I wanted to know what number of travel days I am authorized to travel to my reserve unit and will these travel days be before or after my terminal leave?

I obviously want to travel before terminal leave to spend my time where I want to live and settle any job prospects. AFPC had to transfer my question to the Palace Chase department vs Separations due to my case. So once again I have to wait. I have a ticket in place with MyPers to get clear answers and may just need them to specify how many travel days I need on my orders, so I can leave early. This will require an amendment to my orders. The frustration to fight for my entitlements has been so unbearable. I hope I am giving enough information to know what out processing is like for palace chase members.

Word of advice: No one is going to tell you what you are entitled to or what benefits you have. You must do the work and seek these answers yourself. You may be talking to inexperienced Airmen, so always give yourself ammo to work with when stating your case.

In other News

To keep my mind off of things I have actually been planning a retirement ceremony that will take place 31 May. It makes me feel proud and honored to put together a final ceremony for a member that has served 20+ years. The planning has been the same as my out process a roller coaster of changed plans. The one thing I have learned is to make back up plans for back up plans and always take initiative. The fruits of my labor sometimes go unrecognized but it is definitely done for the people I work with. The struggles are short and don’t last long, so a positive attitude goes a long way.

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