I am Back!

I am finally in Massachusetts! Out of Active Duty Air Force and now serving in the Air National Guard. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to write so there is so much to update. First I’ll start with health, job, events, and goals.


Since I last left New Mexico I was 6 months post surgery (microdiscectomy). I hurt myself in early June after planning a retirement ceremony and I haven’t felt right ever since. My last appointment with my surgeon before leaving stated that it was a muscular thing and not to worry. I was concerned about my journey across country but took many steps to prepare. Thankfully my husband was able to help me travel with our two cats (Holly and Callie). We took turns driving and I used a seat pad, and stretched every night. I also did a lot of walking through Denver, Chicago, and Niagara Falls. Once I got to Mass I had some pain in left glute. I thought it was my piriformis muscle tightening up but decided to go to a physical therapist to get a professional opinion.

We did a consultation and a few stretches and then he pulled on my left leg. He stated that the nerve can be healing but recommend I see a neurologist or orthopedic for further evaluation. The next couple of days I had intense leg pain, I could not sit nor stand for long periods of time. I had to result to my nerve pain medication. Though entering into the ANG there was a hold my insurance for 3 weeks so I was not able to get proper medical care. Now I have a doctors appointment scheduled and should have some answers ASAP.


So I took an internship in Boston MA which what I thought would be an hour commute. WRONG! With traffic it takes 2-2.5hrs to get to Cambridge. The job itself is fun and they treat their employees very nice. Plus I am able to work from home 3 days a week. They offer coach bus rides to and from my town so I can sleep on the way to work. I am still seeking full time work, but this time in Plymouth. I will start my other job in the ANG this weekend and am eager to see what it is like to be a part time military member. There are always opportunities out there you just have to hustle. I am looking for admin, managerial, project management, or human resource positions. I just finished my BS in Organizational Leadership. Life outside of the military is so much better. Companies really invest in there people and make sure they are happy, mostly because you can quit and go somewhere else.


Now that we have moved there is so much to do!! Plymouth Summers are the absolute best. We have been to Plymouth Long Beach every weekend, go to the farmers market, concerts, music festivals, whale watching and bike riding. We are also close to downtown and there are events every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I love it here. It has been such a change from open hot desert in a lonely town to an oasis of events, trees, and the ocean.


Now that the house is situated we have completed some of our goals

  1. Airbnb the Basement
  2. Start my Masters in Environmental Science (Spring 2020)
  3. Become a Yoga Instructor or Polarity Therapist
  4. Become a Wedding Planner
  5. Learn to Sew
  6. Make music

I feel that your never too old to learn. Opening your mind to new experiences and people is what life is all about. Life is too short to not do what you want. I have always had so many dreams and aspirations but now being out of the military and with the help of the military I can choose where I want to live and make those dreams come true.

More to come and so much to update, I am glad to be back.

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Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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