New Plan for Waste

There is nothing more refreshing than being in a progressive area. I love how Plymouth has been taking steps to reduce plastic and supports its local farmers. My favorite part about living here is the freshness of food. The farmers market community is bustling, and I desperately need to make some connections. Though it is a work in progress, I am starting to feel settled and it is time for me to explore.

My waste options for my home are: Composting and Recycling.


Massachusetts has made compost programs for their residents. I am able to buy an Earth Machine Composter from the state for $25, they usually range from $150-$200. It is 10 cubic ft. and should be enough to handle waste for 2 people. Depending on your location there are other waste services that will give you an option for a compost bin that will be handled by the city. With the year round farmers market we are easily able to buy naked fruits/veggies that are begging to be composted.


As much as I am trying to get away from plastic products it is always a daunting task. It is literally everywhere. I need to do better on my shopping, but the times where plastic is evitable it is good to recycle. As you may know the way trash is removed in Plymouth is either taking it to the dump or hire a private waste management company. With that being said all waste management companies offer recycling services so it is time to utilize that option.

I feel we are moving in the right direction but companies need to overhaul there production and change manufacturing processes for us to completely shy away from plastic use. Most stores here use paper bags and have a no straw policy, but litter is still rampart. It saddens my heart to see that people think global warming is fake news or political propaganda. Even if that was the case what is wrong with keeping our earth clean and our environment fresh from harmful substance. I feel this will be a long fight but we have to progress forward to live in harmony with nature.

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