Fashion Design Certificate @MassArt

Campus Tour Oct 2019

There are a few fashion schools in Massachusetts but I have picked Massachusetts College of Art and Design because of my TA/GI benefit from the Air National Guard and GI Bill eligibility. It will be about a 1.5-2 hr commute. Since I have already obtained my Bachelor of Science degree I will not be going for any Arts degree. The biggest problem with that, is my credits will not transfer and I will have to start completely over. On the other hand, 

I love certificate programs! 

During the campus tour I never really known or thought about how an Art school is run. The day to day of most structure seems to be gone. You are able to free flow and work on your creativity, make it expand and to me, it felt like playing all day. The next day I was at work and sat in a meeting where I daydreamed about waking up and playing all day. 

This could be my life, and I would absolutely love it! 

The Certificate program for Fashion design is meant to teach people how to sew. I am excited to go through 6 foundation courses and be able to pick 3 electives. The program for full time status is 6 credits per semester. These classes are met twice a week. The program can be finished in 2-3 years and offer courses fall, spring, and summer. Electives that I would like to choose are the sustainable fashion, intro to costume design, and fashion trend forecasting. Applications are accepted for the start of Spring and Fall semester. The entrance requirements are an application with $35 fee, collage, resume and a statement of purpose. 

I have just submitted my application!

I’m So Excited!

The application for the spring is due by Nov 1st. 


My collage represents what Fashion means to me. It means to open your mind, release your creativity, and stay true to your heart. It represents how your creativity can be stifled in life by your parents, other people, jobs, and yourself. It shows a cycle of hiding and self discovery.

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