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It has happened! My worst fear since minor back surgery. I have re-herniated the same disc I had surgery in December 2018 and once again I must face the decisions of my options for treatment. I have just gotten my MRI back but have only read the report. I have no idea how the image looks, yet.

How bad is it and how should I choose my options?

I feel the decision I make now will impact my future in a big way, and it stresses me out.

I want to pick the right path for my well being, but I wonder if I will be doing long term damage.

What will my future become as my back deteriorates; nerve damage, and muscle weakness? Can I manage this pain? Can I heal this pain? Can I fix my body?

I want to make the right choice.

It has been at least 6 months since I had re-injured it. The pain is daily and sits from a 4-8 on the pain scale. Physical Therapy and light exercise seem to make it better as long activity makes it worse. I have been doing a lot of self care of heat pad, rest, and light activity and have been feeling better. Since I have been doing physical therapy for 3 weeks I had had 1 pain free day but also have experienced some debilitating episodes. Debilitating episodes include pain in my lower back, this pain is felt close to my SI joint and goes into my left leg. It forces me to shorten my stride, walk slower (instability/pain), and limp. I notice all of my weight goes into my right foot/leg because putting weight on the left leg causes more pain. This pain makes it hard to stand when I can’t sit or lay down (in a public place). I sometimes just stand on my knees to relieve the pressure on feet.

I sometimes I can’t decide if I am getting better or worse.

I have an appointment with a chiropractor next week to figure out holistic options. Then with a pain doc and depending on the images a surgeon. I feel that I want to try holistic options first and really be patient with my body.

I feel that surgery should be a last resort option.

Though I do not know what the images look like, I fear that it has already been a long time with little to no improvement and feel surgery could be an option. I feel that it could put an end to day to day suffering and pain faster, than a slower natural approach. I am hoping to cause less damage to the muscles and nerves if I choose this method.

I am taking it day by day.

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