Love Yourself

self care and love

What does it truly mean to love yourself?

We all say it, all of the time.

I feel I have been discovering myself once again. I did not realize how hard the transition from military member to civilian life would be. I did not know that it would change me. Sometimes, I feel that what I am doing defines who I am. Now that I am no longer an Active Duty Air Force Member, I am not sure who or what I want to be. I’ve been working on trying to find my path before I got out. I took a class before exiting the military to help me find my interest. Thanks to TAPs I was given the Onet website to help. I realized that I am more creative and artistic.

Never really exploring this side of me and expanded my investigative brain I was left very, very, SAD.

So now I am going to explore that side of me.

IT is TIME to be FREE.

After my episode with back pain, I want nothing to do with a 9-5 job. I realized how unhappy I’ve been due to the choices I made either due to circumstance or a way out. I only knew what I known at the time. Growing up very low income all of my choices were to get out and improve the life of my mom, sister, and I.

I went to a technical college right out of Highschool and became a Polysomnographic Technologist. I worked 3 years as a sleep tech. As an independent contractor, making a lot of money and being young I got a little frivolous with my money. I then got tired of nightshift and wanted to go back to school so I joined the Military. Now that I am married, and have really set up a great plan for financial security.

I realized it is time to REALLY live and do what I WANT.

Thanks to the VA and GI Bill, I can take my time and really learn more about myself. Because transitioning does not happen overnight. It can be a long process of self discovery.

I feel I knew the civilian me, the military me, and now I am trying to figure out who I am in the present moment.

It is time for me to be happy, healthy, and radiant.

What self love means to me is caring for your own mind, body, and spirit. This means caring for your mental health, feelings, boundaries, and emotions. Caring for your body means to seek help for injuries or actively trying to heal yourself, working out, getting massages/bodywork, stretching, taking baths, and eating nutritious meals. Caring for yourself spiritually can be different for everyone but to me meditation and reading has helped me tremendously.

Self love is loving all the bad parts of you. Your flaws and all the stupid shit you do and don’t do. Loving all of the things you hate about yourself and caring to make them better or understand.

We can not change the past but we can definitely learn from it.

I didn’t realize how much freedoms I gave up, and unlearning all the “brainwashing” can be tricky. Self Awareness really helps.

Jenny Celli

Published by connectedpines

Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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