Bath Salts

Homemade: Rose and Rosemary Bath salts

Since we have moved out of a small 460sqft home into a regular sized house I can say that I have truly missed a bath tub. Since finding out I have re-herniated my L5-S1, I have been getting into the magic of baths and bath salts. So much, that I love making my own Bath Salt s and come up with my own recipes.

Your base of is usually

  • Bath Salt bulk Mix : you can buy on Amazon I have purchased this brand.
  • Herbs or Flowers (no pesticides safe on skin)
  • Essential Oil or Other Oils (olive, coconut, ect)

Rose & Rosemary Bath Salts

makes 1 serving = 1 Bath

1 Cups of Bath Salts

1Tbs Olive Oil (you can use essential oil if you like)

1 Dried Rose Head (organic no pesticides, any color)

1Tbs Fresh Rosemary

1 mortar and pestle

Make this mix in small 1/2 cup amounts for optimal rose infusion.

  1. Add 1/2 cup of Bath salts into a bowl
  2. Divide the Olive oil into 1/2Tbs and add the the 1/2cup mixture of Bath Salts
  3. Add half of the Dried Rose Head and Rosemary
  4. Muddle the mixture for at least 5 min, you will see the salts change color and develop and rose/rosemary smell
  5. Repeat process for the second 1/2cup of Bath Salts

Add 1 cup of the of the Bath Salt Rose & Rosemary mixture to your bath and enjoy!

Also just a note: I hate measuring so just go crazy and have fun with your ingredients. Make sure they are organic and your herbs are safe to use in the bath and for your skin.

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