As I move On, So I let Go

I have come to a point of acceptance of myself. I have found a new set of strength in my healing. I have come to understand my body, mind, and spirit more. Living in this new place I have learned what I like and do not like from other people and family. I have learned how I want to be treated and have learned to release who and what is not serving my soul. It is time to be

UN- Apologetically ME

I am tired of hiding! I am tired of tip toeing around. During my healing process I have learned that I have imbalances in my

  1. Root Chakra
  2. Throat Chakra
  3. Heart Chakra

I want to feel safe and loved as any normal regular person. I have learned from those who are not sending me those vibes, cut the energy cord. It is not worth it. Even if it is family. I have come to terms that I am very protective of myself. So protective that I will not even speak my truth. I have found with some people it is better to be silent and hide. Until they are ready and prepared for my light. Till then I feel some people do not deserve the full beauty of my soul. This is why I have problems with my heart chakra. Walls have always been my friend. I am not going to lie. I am very selective on who can become close to me. I love fully to those I am close with.

This is how I have been and the circumstances that have been given to me to live this way. It may not be the right way but it is indeed my own way. We all have our own way and journey.

With that being said….. It is time to let go of all the toxicity and finally live the way God intended.

My dreams, and my passions await.

Quarantine = Healing

Mind, body, and soul this slow pace of quiet is great for reflection and therapy. Shadow work has been hard at times but a great way to pull back the curtain and heal. Being at the house more has served my body and has calmed down stress and inflammation. I am able to do more but if it is not one thing….it is another. My mental health wasn’t doing so great reflecting on all the horrible things that have happened. My first year being out of the military and such a horrible experience with my In-laws. I have learned a lot and now I feel I have made some decisions that should help in how I need to move forward with my life. Yoga and meditation are the keys to my soul healing. I may not have all of the answers yet but I do know that my intuition is great and must view the future with my third eye.

As all of the things I have struggled with since Oct 2019 I feel the whole world is dealing with that pain. Please know that with hard work and therapy we can overcome any challenge life presents.

Published by connectedpines

Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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