Lunar Cycle: Waxing Crescent

Time has shifted the moon to a waxing crescent and so must my intentions be properly planned and prepared. I look to my Tarot cards for guidance. It always amazes me how spot on they are with where I am. I have grown a close connection to my intuition and my cards.

Path and Goal Spread

This reading was done after I made my intentions on the New Moon. I always like to look to back and reflect how I can properly plan and really listen to the advice that is given to me.

  1. Where you stand Now: 2 of Pentacles
    • Momentum and change, juggling and adaptivity. Find a happy balance between scheduling and responsibilities. This may point to future goals that are rising within you. Marking a transition into pure manifestation. Be proud of your success and do not forget what nourishes your soul . What drives you to rise? Balance love, work, and play
  2. Where you want to Be: 6 of Swords
    • Evolution and transition and change. Events that will open new doorways. Take a leap of faith and you will be successful of releasing blockages that are holding you back. Letting go will add strength to your spirit.
  3. Your Path: Queen of Pentacles
    • Work on your root, trust your intuition and return to your true path. Tap into your own strength and design the life you’ve always dreamed of.

After reflecting on this spread I have come to the conclusion that some of my intentions did not align with my true spirit and path. I have these patterns that stunt me from following my true goals and dreams. I find that most of my problems align from the chakras. I have been doing daily chakra healing to allow myself to let go and move forward. Finally processing things of the past and doing some deep shadow work has been hard and painful but I must move forward to grow.


Artist Rob Mulholland / the statues are 2.6m mirrored Perspex. The Mirror People statues are installed in the woods around Loch Ard and the David Marshall Lodge, Aberfoyle, Scotland.

What drives and nourishes your soul?

Yoga, dance, spiritual practice, energy work, journal, art, traveling, experiences, massage, meditation

Work on your root, trust your intuition and return to your true path. Design the life you always wanted

Planning My intentions

Intentions and Plan

  1. I am going to be a real estate agent.
    • I found that this intention did not align with what nourishes my soul. This was decision based on what was easy at the time. The job market in my town was minimal and I did not want to commute because of my back. Being closer to home was going to serve me. I am finding that this is not my passion. I am not excited to learn or do it. I know I could be very successful with it but deep down inside I will be unhappy. I am dropping this intention. I have already paid for courses that started (September 2019) I have been putting it off since re herniating my disc in October. I am now realizing that this is what I wanted at the time because it would be easier and manageable for me. It is okay to change your mind and go for your dreams. I am debating on stopping courses or just finishing them because I have already paid. I don’t want to waste.
  2. I am going to belly dance.
    • Dancing has always served my soul I wanted to be a dancer since I was young, since we were poor I did not go to any dance school. Instead I watched and danced along with music videos. Dance brings me joy, love for my body and strength. I have reached out to belly dance instructors to pursue a great course I can do online that will allow me to become an instructor. Till then I practice moves on youtube!
  3. I am learning more about yoga.
    • I am in Yoga Teacher training 200hr. I am diving deeper into the course and books and I am finding that I love eastern philosophy, practice, and energy work. It makes my spirit tremble with curiosity. At the same time I can feel my body healing physically and emotionally. I am breaking free from these old patterns. I plan to continue reading and reflecting daily and shall start a yoga section to share what I have learned.
  4. I am watering my garden to grow.
    • Having a garden shows me patience and how I shouldn’t rush. Things grow on their own time. There are things we can control but some we can not. It is not lazy if a plant is meant to grow slower than others. Learning the path to master a garden can bring great joy to the soul. My plan is to keep watering and caring for the plants, practicing kind words to help them grow.
  5. I am meditating everyday.
    • Meditation is connecting me to my higher self and intuition. What truly lies in my higher path. It gives my soul what it needs for pure happiness. I have been meditating daily for 15-20min and plan to wake up earlier and gradually increase my meditation time.
  6. I am one with my authentic self.
    • The stronger I am to be me the more courage I have to truly be me no matter who is around. It is important that I practice this courage. There are many times when I hide in the shadows in fear but I do not want to live that way anymore. This will not happen overnight but will take a lot of work to become truly free. I have purchased “Let that Shit Go: A journal for letting your bullshit behind and creating a happy life” by Monica Sweeney, I am hoping this book can help me build the courage that I need to be me. No matter what.
  7. I am forgiving myself and others.
    • Forgiveness is important to move forward and let go. I plan to practice more forgiving exercises but also allow myself the time I need to let go. It is not easy to forgive, especially ourselves. We constantly judge ourselves everyday. I can not live life with all of these walls so forgiveness and boundaries are a much healthier version of where I want to be.
  8. I am working on myself everyday.
    • I have daily goals to journal, become more creative and give myself the voice it wants to express how it needs to. I can talk to my therapist or husband but really I must talk to myself and know that I am here for me. I must remove my own blockages to allow myself to be free.
  9. I am creating my new life.
    • I picture my new life to be more in balance, and to be doing what I enjoy with out any sway of money or thinking from others. I want to live the way I have always wanted to live. This means believing the way I want to believe, celebrate life, treat others, and finally pick a career path that is not influenced by the Air Force, my Husband, or people that think they know better. It is my life and it is up to me to finally be happy.
  10. I am sewing and creating garments.
    • I am a very beginner sewer. I want to sew not what is trending but what I want to create. My visions of what I want to wear. This skill is mainly for me. I do not wish to work for a company but only to create clothes that excite me. I plan to create and sew what moves me and do bi-weekly projects. Take time to really learn and craft correctly.

Now that I have created a plan it is time to break out my planner and find the balance between love, work, and play. Action begins Today on the First Quarter.

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