Slow Down into Slow Fashion

It is a better time than ever to challenge the norms! Our fast domineering EcOnmY is over ruling our souls into consumerism. Everyday is a challenge. The convenience and structures that we have in place do not support a sustainable future.

Since October 2019, I have been dealing with debilitating back and neck problems. I have had no choice but to slow down. Burdened by my body, I had to adjust to a new way of life. A life that was filled with more self care, rest, yoga, meditation, singing, and art! I need to heal. What better way to heal the body, than to heal the soul. As a fashion student and disabled veteran, I need to find an industry to where I can fit in.

Slow Fashion _Slow Culture_Slow Movements_Slow evolution_Slow Healing_Slow Thoughts

The Slow Fashion Movement started in 2007, by Kate Fletcher. It focuses on sustainability and remodeling business structures, to a more forward approach. This approach is a strive for long lasting quality garments, fair labor/ethical practices, and ecologically conscious textiles/waste during the whole production chain.

We have a demand for change.

Fuck the systems in Place! We can make New Ones!

Never be afraid to start over.

My approach to fashion design is up-cycling and circulatory textile methods. During my last year in school, I want to challenge myself to use all that I have. Stop buying new fabrics, unless properly sourced. Take from already made garments. Properly recycle scraps, and plan quality designs.

Blur the Lines.

Invent Something New!

Published by connectedpines

Disabled veteran healing with art, music, & Ayurveda

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