Disposable Zero Waste

How can you be zero waste when you have to be disposable? This is not an easy task. I am writing this because soon all of my possessions will be taken away. I will of course keep my reusable water jug but I will not have any dishes or my reusable items. So what isContinue reading “Disposable Zero Waste”

Earth Day Prepping

April 22 is Earth Day and I have a lot planned for the month of April. I have started the #ZeroWasted project so others can show case and give tips on how they are making a lifestyle change and going zero waste. I will be posting daily on the Earth sisters instagram and blog toContinue reading “Earth Day Prepping”

THINX wear for Period Solutions

I recently purchased THINX under ware to solve my menstrual problems with zero waste. THINX is a company that provides women period proof panties to rid the world of pads and tampons. They also provide incontinence wear for older women. I bought 3 pairs in different styles cheeky, cotton bikini, and sport. The cheeky holdsContinue reading “THINX wear for Period Solutions”

Dirty Looks, Recycling, and a Nice Cool Drink of Water

So week 2 shopping took place at Albertson’s Market. I figured since they have a bigger meat counter selection I could get everything else there as well. I was a bit underwhelmed with my trip. I brought my reusable bags, Tupperware, and diy produce bags. The whole time I kept getting weird dirty looks, andContinue reading “Dirty Looks, Recycling, and a Nice Cool Drink of Water”

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The start of the new year has got me thinking about my zero waste goal. I had a plan of action for step 1 which was to start shopping with less or no plastic. I will starting my shopping quest this weekend but till then I have made my own produce bags out of T-shirts.Continue reading “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”