Disposable Zero Waste

How can you be zero waste when you have to be disposable? This is not an easy task. I am writing this because soon all of my possessions will be taken away. I will of course keep my reusable water jug but I will not have any dishes or my reusable items. So what isContinue reading “Disposable Zero Waste”

Natural is Beautiful

The earth has all the ingredients needed to keep you beautiful. I would like to challenge you to pick up a product you use daily and read the ingredients. Find a common detonator? CHEMICALS! They are everywhere and horrible for you and the planet. Maybe it’s time to be more conscious about what you putContinue reading “Natural is Beautiful”

Our Planet

Our Planet is starring on Netflix and it has gotten me thinking about my life and lifestyle. This zero waste change is bigger than me. It needs to flow into the bigger markets of capitalism and we must make a change. Climate change is not just the increase and variation in the weather, it isContinue reading “Our Planet”

Earth Day Prepping

April 22 is Earth Day and I have a lot planned for the month of April. I have started the #ZeroWasted project so others can show case and give tips on how they are making a lifestyle change and going zero waste. I will be posting daily on the Earth sisters instagram and blog toContinue reading “Earth Day Prepping”

THINX wear for Period Solutions

I recently purchased THINX under ware to solve my menstrual problems with zero waste. THINX is a company that provides women period proof panties to rid the world of pads and tampons. They also provide incontinence wear for older women. I bought 3 pairs in different styles cheeky, cotton bikini, and sport. The cheeky holdsContinue reading “THINX wear for Period Solutions”

Zero Waste Bathroom

Creating zero waste in your bathroom is easier than expected. I have been buying more natural products that support better waste movements such as plastic bottles that can be recycled and chemical free ingredients. What I would like to purchase for a better bathroom is safety razors that are reusable and better than the disposableContinue reading “Zero Waste Bathroom”

Zero Waste Kitchen = Hard

My zero waste trip this week was at Walmart. This week I am making the vegetarian switch to opt for a more sustainable way of eating. I got everything I needed at Walmart, Alamogordo NM’s one stop shop. It seemed like their produce shelves were mostly packed with veggies that were packaged. I opted toContinue reading “Zero Waste Kitchen = Hard”

Dirty Looks, Recycling, and a Nice Cool Drink of Water

So week 2 shopping took place at Albertson’s Market. I figured since they have a bigger meat counter selection I could get everything else there as well. I was a bit underwhelmed with my trip. I brought my reusable bags, Tupperware, and diy produce bags. The whole time I kept getting weird dirty looks, andContinue reading “Dirty Looks, Recycling, and a Nice Cool Drink of Water”